Empresa Marítima S.A., (EMPREMAR), a shipping company founded 75 years ago, is today a leading bulk cargo operator in Chile, carrying more than seven million metric tons of bulk cargoes a year.

The company was founded in 1938 as the Maritime Department of Chile’s national railway company with the purpose of integrating the territory between Puerto Montt and Punta Arenas – a territory that back then was very isolated due to geographical conditions and lack of transport means.

On September 5th, 1953, the government decided to turn this maritime department of the railway company into a totally independent transportation company. The name chosen was Empresa Marítima del Estado (EMPREMAR.) During the following years, the company expanded its range of action to the rest of Chile’s coastal line and, shortly after, also to foreign destinations.

In 1989, the company underwent a restructuration to become a closed stock corporation known as “Empresa Marítima SA“, the major shareholders of which were “Corporación de Fomento de la Producción (CORFO)” – a state entity whose purpose is to promote the industrial and economic development of the country – and the Chilean Treasury.

In 1995, CORFO put Empremar out to a public auction, which was awarded to one of the major mining industries of Chile, Salinas de Punta de Lobos S.A.M., a private mining company founded in 1906 and known today as K+S Chile S.A..