Empremar S.A., the strategic partner of K+S Chile S.A. for moving the salt they produce to worldwide destinations, is one of the leading bulk cargo carriers of the region. Currently, EMPREMAR provides maritime transport services to the whole Americas, Asia, Europe, and coastal cabotage services in Chile.

Empremar has a major presence in South America, as its own fleet trades mainly in this area transporting salt, steel, concentrates and grains.

SPL has a strong presence in the East Coast of the United States supplying salt for road de-icing during winter. Empremar, the K+S Chile logistic partner, moves around 4.5 million tons of salt a year.

The operation of Empremar is based on salt transportation from Chile to Argentina and Brazil, which amounts some 1.2 million tons a year.
For the home-bound leg, the ships bring steel from Brazil and grains from Argentina to Chile, Peru and Ecuador.
During 2012, Empremar transported over 700 thousand tons of grains from Argentina to Chile and Peru, and approximately 300 thousand tons of steel from Brazil to the West Coast of South America.

Locally in Chile, Empremar provides coastal service transporting mainly salt, both -chemical and for human consumption- from Caleta Patillos to San Antonio, San Vicente and Puerto Montt, moving around 300 thousand tons of salt a year.

EMPREMAR also moves K+S salt to Mexico, Colombia and other Caribbean ports, reaching a volume of around 300 thousand tons a year.
During 2012, Empremar succeed assisting K+S on their first shipments of salt to Asia, a market that will become even more importance in the future.